Meet the author

William Mundo, MPH

William Mundo was born on March 19, 1994, to the parents of immigrants from Acapulco, Mexico. As a son of two immigrants, he is also a First-Generation New American and a First-Generation medical student. William is an older brother and the oldest cousin in his family’s generation. He was born in urban East Los Angeles, California, and was raised in rural Colorado. On top of having a burning passion for medicine, he is also enthusiastic about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

He has an appreciation for civic discourse, social justice, history, and politics. He enjoys spending time with his family or spending it outdoors, writing poetry, mixing music, and playing basketball. William earned a bachelor of science in public health and a bachelor of arts in ethnic studies from the University of Colorado Denver. Shortly after his undergraduate studies, he also received a master’s degree from the Colorado School of Public Health. Currently, William is a medical student and well on his way to becoming a medical doctor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.