From Margins to Medicine

In Margins to Medicine, Mundo delivers a health equity guide that discusses the intersections of medicine with critical race theory alongside public health and the social determinants of health. In this memoir-style reference book, you will acquire an introduction to the public health sciences combined with readings for diversity and social justice through compelling life narratives rooted in theory and practice.

Meet the author

William Mundo, MPH

William Mundo was born on March 19, 1994, to the parents of immigrants from Acapulco, Mexico. As a son of two immigrants, he is also a First-Generation New American and a First-Generation medical student. William is an older brother and the oldest cousin in his family’s generation. He was born in urban East Los Angeles, California, and was raised in rural Colorado. On top of having a burning passion for medicine, he is also enthusiastic about diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Professional, Educational and Leadership

1 hour
Motivational Speeches, Career, and Academic Counseling, Individualized Action Plans, Mentoring, Tutoring, Coaching and Advising.

Public Health

1 hour
Health Impact Assessments, Community Health Assessments, Policy Analysis, Program Development, Health Systems Management, and Research.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

1 hour
Workshops, Group Facilitation, and Trainings.